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Freelance Artist: Ben Matsuya Comics & Illustration

Freelance Artist Ben Matsuya: Illustrations. Comic Book Art. Graphic Design. Contact him for inquiries & rates.

Freelance Artist: Ben Matsuya

Illustrator.  Comic book creator.  Graphic Designer.  Freelance artist.  

If you're looking for artwork for your small business, website, or creative ideas, Ben Matsuya is the artist for you.  

Ben takes pride in providing professional, quality art in a timely manner.  His artwork has been featured in logos and advertising, on websites and small businesses, in comic books and galleries.  If you're looking for art that is unique and distinctive; images that capture your voice and tell your story, don't be afraid to reach out.  

With several independent and personal projects to his name, Ben specializes in comic book art and graphic storytelling.  He relishes sketching out the cinematography, physics, and blocking of scenes.  It's character design that appeals to him the most, in drawing out the emotions of characters in their faces and postures.  This focus on narrative storytelling even informs the illustrations and branding you want for your business logos, editorial art, and advertisements.  

Ben has experience with a diverse set of clients - large corporations, family-owned businesses, and artistic enterprises - and he caters his expertise around your needs.  His skill includes traditional media (pencils, inks, chalks, paints) as well as digital programs.  Let's connect so we can talk specifically about style, content, form, and function. We look forward to collaborating and realizing your vision for all your art needs.  For more on pricing, visit our Art+Copy page.  

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